A Brief History of Al-Khazneh

A Journey To The Ancient Al-Khazneh: The Most Captivating Mausoleum In Egypt

When traveling to Egypt, there is one ancient site you absolutely cannot miss: the mesmerizing Al-Khazneh. Mausoleums and tombs have always been fascinating to explore, but this one takes the cake. Al-Khazneh is often referred to as “The Treasury”, and for good reason. Gold was once stored here, and its sparkling facade is a wonder to behold. Come with us on a journey through time and explore this captivating mausoleum.


Al-Khazneh is an ancient mausoleum located in the ancient city of Petra. The mausoleum was carved into the sandstone cliff in the first century and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Petra. Al-Khazneh gets its name from the Arabic words “al-khaznah”, which means “the treasury”. The name is apt, as Al-Khazneh was used as a treasury in antiquity. The mausoleum was carved out of sheer sandstone cliff and is estimated to have taken up to twenty years to complete.

A Brief History of Al-Khazneh

Al-Khazneh, which translates to the “the treasury”, was constructed as the mausoleum of an Abbasid caliph, but his remains were never interred there. The structure was instead used as a tomb for a later ruler, Ali ibn Abu Talib. The facade of the building is ornately carved and features intricate geometric designs as well as inscriptions from the Quran. Al-Khazneh was sculpted from local pink sandstone and is thought to have taken over 10 years to complete.

Al-Khazneh (The Treasury) is an ancient, elaborate temple carved from the surface of sandstone and is located in Petra, Jordan. It was constructed around 100 BC and is the most captivating mausoleum in all of Egypt. Al-Khazneh features exquisite architecture, with ornate columns, intricate carvings and beautiful mosaics. It’s no wonder that this breathtaking landmark is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

Al-Khazneh is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Petra, and for good reason. It’s one of the most well-preserved and elaborately-carved structures in the ancient city. With its towering facade and ornate details, it’s no wonder it’s often referred to as the ” Treasury”. As with any popular tourist destination, expect crowds of people when visiting Al-Khazneh. There’s usually a considerable wait to get into the tomb, so be prepared to queue up for a while. Once you’re inside, be sure to take your time to admire the intricate details and stunning architecture.

Located in the Siq, a narrow and winding gorge, Al-Khazneh is a breathtaking sight. You can’t miss it—the towering mausoleum is hard to miss. The best way to get there is to take a taxi from the entrance of Petra. It’s about a 10-minute drive and will cost you around 20-25 JD ($30-$35 USD). Make sure to mention to the driver that you want to go to Al-Khazneh so they can take you directly there.

Al-Khazneh is an ancient and captivating mausoleum in the city of Petra, located in modern-day Jordan. It was erected by the Nabataean king, Abdullah I, in the early first century CE and is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful and well-preserved structures from antiquity. If you’re planning a trip to Egypt, be sure to make time to visit this marvel – you won’t regret it!

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